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How long will my claim take?

It's one of the first questions we're asked.  Tricky to give a definite answer because every claim is different and unique to you.   We believe that claims should be settled speedily. There’s nothing to be gained by dragging a claim out and we’ll always seek to negotiate a fair settlement for you as quickly as possible.  It depends whether the person or company you are claiming against admits liability or not and whether they are prepared to be co-operative.   If they do accept responsibility and are open to negotiation, a claim won't take long, but where they deny being responsible for your accident or injury additional investigations can take time.

It also depends on how seriously you are injured.  Claims for minor injuries can often be settled quickly and easily, usually only needing just a medical report from a GP.   If your claim is for a more serious injury, we need to make sure you will get better and wait for several doctor’s reports on your injuries and your prospects for a full recovery so we can get you the right amount of compensation.

Usually, we can settle things without going to court, but if the other side is stubborn or unreasonable we may need to take things that far, which means more paperwork and falling in line with the court timetable and that can mean an extra four months.  We’ve often found that the threat of taking things to court is enough to force a reasonable offer from the other side. Even if we do go to court this does not mean there will be a court hearing. Many claims are settled soon after the issue of court proceedings without the need to go in front of a judge.


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